Installing ftrack connect 3ds max

Using ftrack Connect

The primary way of installing and launching the 3ds Max integration is through the ftrack Connect package. Go to ftrack Connect package and download it for your platform.

See also

Once ftrack Connect package is installed please follow this article to launch 3ds Max with the ftrack integration.

Building from source

You can also build manually from the source for more control. First obtain a copy of the source by either downloading the zipball or cloning the public repository:

git clone

Then you can build and install the package into your current Python site-packages folder:

python build_plugin

The result plugin will then be available under the build folder. Copy or symlink the result plugin folder in your FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH.

Building documentation from source

To build the documentation from source:

python build_sphinx

Then view in your browser:



Additional For building